Media = Art + Message No.12: Pioneering the Environmental Revolution with love and responsibility towards the Earth and one another

It is I, Sea Gull — Medallion of the first woman to go to space, Valentina Tereshkova in the the Cosmonaut Station, Tashkent/Uzbekistan, superimposed on the Earth as a time piece (Image by Miro Ito)


In 2021, the world once again faced so many daunting challenges, first and foremost the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic, worsening climate change, the makings of a new Cold War amidst conflicts over nuclear weapons treaties and the intensifying refugee problems.

It is becoming more and more apparent that these ordeals are not the concern of individual nations, but universal crises impacting the entire planet.

In particular, if we regard natural catastrophes as warning signs from Mother Nature, the universal law that everyone is one and all are one appears self-evident!

We all live on Mother Earth, we breathe the same air and are embraced by the same seas and skies.


Tear drop from the blue planet (Image by Miro Ito)


It is time to make a paradigm shift, from a civilisation that prioritises production, consumption, efficiency, and profits, to a new world order that prioritises balance with the environment, based on the principles of equitable circulation, distribution, and sharing.

We need to look at the current situations from a new perspective that puts the earth first, and rearrange the priorities in our lives.

It is now the dawn of a new era that can be called the environmental revolution, following the industrial revolution and the IT revolution.

We are indeed responsible for the sustainability of the planet for the future and how human history will evolve further on.

We believe that accepting this responsibility for the future by fostering love, creativity and development in a way that benefits the world is a new pioneering spirit for a new era.

Praying that love, responsibility and creativity will become the keywords of this new era…

1st January 2022

Miro Ito & Media Art League

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