BLOG: Media = Art + Message by Miro Ito

Under the theme “World heritage of life and prayer”, MEDIA ART LEAGUE is involved in milestone international projects of civic and cultural merit, including: art and cultural activities, audio-visual production, publishing as well as educational and research activities.

Concurrently, MEDIA ART LEAGUE endows museums, libraries, universities, and other public institutions (including: the New York Public Library, the Japan Camera Industry Institute, among others) with visual/photographic works, publications, etc. pertaining to Japanese/Asian/Eurasian culture for preserving, exhibiting & sharing national treasures & important cultural assets of Japan for the benefit of humankind.

This blog conveys Heartist messages of Miro Ito, the initiator of MEDIA ART LEAGUE, explaining how & why our globally touring exhibition & lecture series “Road of Light and Hope” and “Signs of the Intangible” attempts to provide inspirations to achieve peaceful and prosperous co-existence through solidarity in heart & mind — leveraging our historically shared evidence of a world heritage of life and prayer over 25 centuries ago transcending East and West as well as North and South.