International Communications

International Media Contributions

🔶International Editorial Contributions

As an international editorial team, MEDIA ART LEAGUE researches & provides special features & interview coverage for specialty media including Japanese publishers such as NIKKEI Business Publications, Asahi Shimbun Publications, Toyo-Keizai Shimpo, Shogakukan, Chuo Koron Shinsha, etc.  In addition, we provide writing services in English and German for the global media world.

Both contributing editor & author, Miro Ito and Andreas Boettcher (Director of International Communications) handle international coverage for specialty quality publishers/media, etc.

Representative Media Contributions: Special Features + Interview Coverage from New York

🔶Special Features from Americas (publication name / issue / title)

🔸Architecture/City Planning/Construction/Environmental Issues

  • NIKKEI CONSTRUCTION (14 November 2016 )  9 page spread: (Canada TorontoOntario Kohan ni Arata na Main Street / Queens Quay West   ( literally: [Civil Engineering Wonders of the World] Queens Quay West – A Rejuvenated Thoroughfare On the Shores of Lake Ontario), photography and text by Miro Ito (co-authored by Andreas Boettcher).
  • NIKKEI CONSTRUCTION (12 September 2016 )  14 page spread:(New York State, USAZenchoh 5km no Toka-kyoh wo Kakekae – Bei Manhattan kara Kita 40km ( literally: [Bridge]  “Construction of New Tappan Zee Bridge -“Renewal of 5 Km.- long River-spanning Bridge 40km. North of Manhattan”),  text by Miro Ito + Andreas Boettcher, featuring interviews with Jamie Barbas, Khurram Saeed (NYSTA).
  • NIKKEI CONSTRUCTION (22 February 2016 )  14 page spread: (New York City, USAKyodai Toshi no Chika wo Happa de Horu ( literally: “[Subway] Excavation with Subterranean Blasting in an Urban Megalopolis”), photography & text by Miro Ito (associate editor: Andreas Boettcher)  featuring interview with Michael Horodniceanu (President of MTACC).
  • NIKKEI ARCHITECTURE (14 January 2016)  cover photo & 6 page spread: (Connecticut State, New Canaan, USABokkateki na Fuhkei ni ukabu Kawa no yhona Meisoh Kuhkan (literally, “Grace Farms river-like meditative space floating arcadian landscape”), photography & text by Miro Ito (associate editor: Andreas Boettcher).
  • NIKKEI ARCHITECTURE (10 July 2015 )  8 page spread: (New York City, USAFukkatsu wo Shohchohsuru ‘Hikari no Toh’ – Tohkashinai Biru wo Mezasu (literally, “One World Trade Center: A ’Tower of Light’ that Symbolizes Rebirth & Strives to be Indestructible”), photography & text by Miro Ito (associate editor, Andreas Boettcher) + Interview with Daniel Libeskind.
  • NIKKEI ARCHITECTURE (25 July 2012) — 8 page spread: (New York City, USAChiku 81nen no Matenroh wo Shoh-eneka  – The Empire State Building (literally, “The Greening retrofit of the Empire State Building”), photography & text by Miro Ito (associate editor: Andreas Boettcher) + Interview with Anthony Malkin.

🔸Art & Cultural Issues

  • ASAHI CAMERA (2009 January issue)  4 page spread: New York de Shashin no Kako/Genzai/Mirai wo Kangaeru (literally, “Thinking over Past, Present and Future of Photography from New York City”), special feature to Miro Ito’s monthly contribution, “Gokui de Manage Shashin Gokoro”)
  • ADVERTISING (Vol.7/2002.May 10)  3 page spread: Post 9/11  Jinsei no nakani Shinjitsu wo! (literally, “Post 9/11 Searching for the Truth within ones lives!”), text by Miro Ito


  • NEXT STAGE (BS Japan)  11 min. on air: New York wa ima (literally, “What happens in New York City now?”), photography & poems by Miro Ito (MC: Ken’ichi Shimomura), 5th of October, 2001.
  • WEEKLY TOYO KEIZAI (2001 October 6th issue)  8 page spread: I LOVE NY – In Memory of the Victims of the World Trade Center Disaster, photography & text by Miro Ito


🔸Message Localization

MEDIA ART LEAGUE deals with international development and global communications vis-a-vis media creation, including Japanese/English original writing & copywriting as well as German media related manuscripts.

Double Hemisphere Map Henricus Hondius c 1630

Double Hemisphere Map
Henricus Hondius (c 1630)

Research Projects

🔶International Research & Consultation Projects

MEDIA ART LEAGUE engages in high-end international research projects and provides localization consultations tailored to individual client needs for bi-lateral & omni-lateral business development centering on North America, U.K., Germany, and Japan.

As language & communications consultant for Japan’s largest translation company in key sectors including: overseas marketing, localization projects, overseas development & outsourcing; on contract and project-by-project basis, MEDIA ART LEAGUE has completed a broad range of research projects.

Our clients range from major think tanks, private corporations, civil service in Japan and abroad. Upon request, we can provide research reports in three languages: Japanese, English, and/or German.

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Sued Pola Karte Gotha: Justus Perthes 1875

Sued Pola Karte
Gotha: Justus Perthes 1875

High End Translation

🔶High-End Translation Meeting/Exceeding Global Standards

By leveraging the triple A’s of Accuracy, Accountability, Accessibility

Andreas Boettcher is in charge of localized international communications: Japanese to English, English to German, Japanese to German (and vice versa). Drafting sophisticated English and/or German texts from Japanese original content (and vice versa) requires highly advanced linguistic skills, and a deep-rooted understanding of the social fabric and conventions of the target regions.

Especially in copywriting and naming, where it is crucial to create wording and texts that reach out and move people, a creative sensibility that goes beyond translation is required that premises profound knowledge and extensive education as well as broad-based experience in the cultural & linguistic sensitivities of the target areas.

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La Sphere Artificielle 1717

La Sphere Artificielle 1717


🔶Client List

International Editorial Contributions: NIKKEI Business Publications, Toyo Keizai Shampo, Asahi Shimbun Publications, Shougakukan, Chuo Koron Shinsha, etc.

Research Projects: Roland Berger Japan, Shizuoka Prefecture, JETRO Duesseldorf, JETRO Hamburg, MITI (present METI), etc.

Consultation Projects: Honyaku Center, Asahi Shimbun, ERCO Leuchten, WESCHO Ladenbau, etc.

Academic Translation Projects: Musashino Art University Museum & Library, Tōdaii Temple, Yorozu Kyogen, ACT.JT., Yamagata University, etc.

High-End Localization Projects: Mylaps Japan, Fissler Japan, International Communication Planning (for NEC), Softbank, Oriental Economist, etc.

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Polar Map Cornelis Dankertz c 1700

Polar Map
Cornelis Dankertz  (c 1700)

Profile of Andreas Boettcher


Andreas Boettcher, as Director of International Communications for MEDIA ART LEAGUE, is in charge of editorial and research projects. Among others, he has been working on various media presentations that seeks to balance diversity and sustainability while fostering dialogue by leveraging his unique skills and long track record spanning North America, Europe and the Far East.

Born in Germany, he grew up both in Canada and Japan; with an English education, German within the family and French on the street in his adopted hometown of Montreal, and later Japanese in Tokyo, there was always one sociolinguistic culture nestling inside another. This straddling of different and yet overlapping cultures became the norm in his life and fostered a truly multi-cultural mindset in him.


Andrew’s Schoolroom Chart of Geographical Illustrations.

Andrew’s Schoolroom Chart of Geographical Illustrations.


🔸Representative Projects & Expertise 

He has been involved with several publications as an English editor. In addition, he has worked on various notable translation projects in the arts and academic sectors, including: the history and art of the Todaiji Temple (for its prospective official English and German guidebooks) as well as exhibition catalogue editions of Musashino Art University ( “Entering the inner sanctum of Noriko Yanagisawa”,“A Photographer named Yasuhiro Ishimoto” by Akiko Moriyama).

The broad range of his projects dealing with Japanese culture and tradition includes a German translation of a concise version of the classical play Tales of Tenshu (Tenshu monogatari ) for a performance in Vienna in the context of the Austria-Japan year (2009) and an essay about Mannojo Nomura for a tribute book (by Miro Ito) in 2004 .

From 1999-2006 he was active as advisor & consultant for the largest translating company in Japan after having worked as head the QA section (supervising language advisor, multi-lingual translator, chief proofreader & copywriter).



2015/2016    Establishes Toronto Branch.

2003 – present International Communication Director for Media Art League Ltd.

2005 – 2007 Contracted as IT Localization project consultant for NEC.

2005 – 2006 Contracted for Overseas marketing / localization projects, consultant for Honyaku Center Inc.

2003 – 2005 Contracted as QA advisor and overseas marketing supervisor by Honyaku Center Inc.

1998 Joined Honyaku Center Inc. as Head of QA section (Language specialist, chief proofreader/ translator and copywriter)

1998    Relocated to Tokyo to concentrate on localization work of Zwei Plus Ltd. (present Media Art League Ltd. )

1995 Merged own market research & corporate consulting business with Japanese business partner to form Zwei Plus Ltd.

1987 -1998 Headed various market research projects, JV/M&A preliminary preparatory work in electronics and precision machine tool sector, etc. for JETRO, Shizuoka Prefectural Government, EU commission, etc.

1987 Relocated to Duesseldorf and established own market research & corporate consulting firm specializing in Euro-Japanese business ventures.


🔶Educational Background

Postgraduate studies at Bochum University, Bochum, Germany (Major: Business Administration; Minor: Far East Asian Studies).

Graduated from Sophia University (Dept. of Comparative Culture & Language)

Major : Pol. Science and History.



Trilingual English, German and Japanese; working knowledge of French.


🔶Media Contributions (publication name only)

Nikkei Construction, Nikkei Architecture, Office Age, GQ, Asahi Camera, etc.

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