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Peace through Art, Art through Peace

Mission Statement

🔶Mission Statement

🔸Sharing a Collective Human Heritage

Art as an expression of light, as a culmination of creative energy that integrates the attributes “truth, virtue, and beauty”(*1) with “emotion, volition, and intellect”(*2), can serve as a medium for better understanding; by discovering and examining in myriad ways through art – what we have in common – in order to celebrate the unity of numerous civilizations. Despite seemingly endless intolerance and aggression,  constructive interactions celebrating the unity and diversity among different civilizations have occurred throughout human history. (*1 Plato, *2 Immanuel Kant)

Our mission is to discover these historically “inter-influential” exchanges and reveal core common values, and integrate them through the holistic convergence of the macro and micro-perspectives, as propagated by many ancient wisdoms ― “all enters into one and one enters into all” .

Copyright © 2016 Miro Ito

🔸“the medium = art + message”

Our ultimate mission is the creation of a foundation without borders for sharing, integrating and promoting our diverse, yet unified spiritual and intellectual heritage. We hope that our “medium=art + message” will contribute to the collective heritage of humankind to be shared around the world: which is what our creative activities are about.

We hope that our medium would contribute to the collective heritage of humankind to be shared around the world. One long-term goal is the creation of a foundation without borders for sharing and promoting our diverse, yet unified spiritual and intellectual heritage.

Purport & Objective

Art as Medium for Equality and Solidarity


To serve as an intercultural bridge spanning the globe, a non-profit organization was conceived:  International Media & Art League. Through its spiritual and creative activities in media and art, it will endeavour to share and exchange cultural and intellectual assets of Japan, including the art heritage of the Eurasian Continent.

Reminiscent of communication theorist, Marshall McLuhan’s assertion “the medium is the message”, Miro Ito as artist, author and producer, seeks to globally establish this intercultural bridge-entity to promote her quest, “Peace through Art, Art through Peace”, while bringing international art & cultural projects planned, produced and created by Media Art League to the next global level.

Copyright © 2016 Miro Ito


The NPO, International Media & Art League (IM & AL), will focus on activities to introduce and share selected media contents (photography, movie writings, literature, etc.) involving Japanese/Asian/Eurasian cultural assets (including those designated as UNESCO World Heritage) especially those that provide evidence of contacts and exchanges throughout history.

IM & AL promotes exhibitions, screenings, lecture activities, etc. together with libraries, museums, universities as well as research institutes worldwide, while concurrently linking specialists and cultural/intellectual personages around the globe.

The key objectives of our activities are:

  • By upholding, preserving and sharing the world’s ancient heritage along the Silk Roads, a new road of wisdoms can emerge from histories of coexistence and fusion beyond religions or cultural circles.
  • By presenting “visions of solidarity” through works which can inspire a foundation for peace and unite people.
  • By fostering ties around the world and exploring universal values that permeate even the seemingly divergent cultures and regions throughout history.

These activities promote the media = art + message: converging on places as diverse as New York, Tokyo, and Nara — via the Silk Road all the way to Rome — and contributing to improve mutual understanding and invaluable cultural exchanges between the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Spiritual Mill (antique illustration)

Spiritual Mill (antique illustration)

Activities & Structure


🔸Digital Archives

Archives of images, ranging from photographs portraying the World Heritage of Life and Prayer — from Japan/Asia and across the Eurasian continent — to works of our “artists league” spanning the world (of particular significance to Eurasian cultural heritage) will be established.

Okina Mask (Collection of Hodaka Komparu) Photo by Miro Ito

Okina Mask for Noh Theater (Collection of Hodaka Komparu)
Photo by Miro Ito

🔸Planning and Producing Cross Media Art & Movies

Planning and -producing multi-cultural cross media/film projects. Photographs and completed films are to be donated to collaborating organizations and contributed to digital archives. In addition to screenings in exhibitions, broadcasting on various public channels will be promoted.

🔸Activities for Interaction and Sharing of Art & Culture

Planning and producing multi-cultural art projects for interaction and sharing (e.g. exhibitions, screening & lectures, performance, etc.). Donation of works (photographic works, books, films, etc.) to related organizations.

🔸Publishing, Research and Educational Activities

– Publishing invaluable books & other literature including photography/illustrated books.

– Research and studies about such themes as interaction of world spiritual cultures, origins of religious art and performing arts, origins of Eurasian cultural heritage.

– Educational activities in collaboration with universities and educational institutes, NPOs worldwide.

Gigaku Mask of Tōdaiji Temple: Suiko-ō Important Cultural Property of Japan Production Year: 744 AD Photo by Miro Ito

Gigaku Mask of Tōdaiji Temple: Suiko-ō  (Sogdian King)
Important Cultural Property of Japan
Production Year: 744 AD
Photo by Miro Ito

🔸IMAL Collections

Through these primary activities, there will be endowment of museums, libraries, universities, and other academic institutions with visual/photographic work, publications/literature, etc., pertaining to Japanese/Asian/Eurasian spiritual culture among collaborating partners and affiliated organizations, establishing International Media & Art League Collections.

🔶Structural Configuration

Basic Structure

Structural Configuration

Founding, Vision & Contribution

🔶Founding & Vision

🔸Founding 2022-2024

International Media & Art League  (IM & AL) in its initial incarnation is being founded in USA as NPO with private funding.

🔸Vision 2022-2030

IM & AL seeks to become established as an Art Foundation (working title: Moebius Art League) by 2025. Board members will be drawn from influential cultural and academic circles recognizing the importance of discourse between the Americas and Eurasia, enlisted from key persons supporting our activities (e.g. benefactors, philanthropists, museum directors, sponsors, etc.)

Ideally, Moebius Art League is envisioned as a permanent forum for preserving and promoting the “World Cultural Heritage of Life and Prayer for All Humanity”.

It will be headquartered in NY with branches in Tokyo, Nara and Toronto, to create multi-cultural art & media, academic projects and activities.

Under the theme, “the universality of spiritual culture”Moebius Art League will endeavor to become unique international organization to unit Eurasian spiritual traditions from Rome to Asia, while developing multi-cultural art and academic activities.

🔶Social Contribution & Impact

🔸Social Contribution

Social Contribution and Benefits

Social Contribution and Benefits

🔸Impact: Expanding Cultural Effect

Cultural Expanding Effect

Cultural Expanding Effect