Our exhibition “Road of Light and Hope” commemorates 120 years of Japanese immigration to Peru in Lima (5-28 Nov. 2019)

From the 5th November 2019, our globally touring “Road of Light and Hope”  launches in Lima, Peru to commemorate 120 years of Japanese immigration to Peru. It is the 12th venue in the 10th country!

The opening ceremony will commence at 7:00 PM at Asociación Peruano Japonesa and Miro Ito will speak about the ideals of co-existence and co-prosperity that are valid more than ever: transcending race, colour and creed.  Reference will be made to how ancient Eurasian wisdom arrived in Japan 1300 years ago, via the Silk Road, and even today survives in the form of art.

By the exploration of ancient interactions of East and West through the Eurasian continent over 2500 years between Greece and Japan, this exhibition aims to present a common ground to foster tolerance and solidarity transcending time and space.

The referral link: http://www.apj.org.pe/agenda/cultural/4469



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