Media = Art + Message No.9− A love for our Earth that transcends nations

Best Wishes for 2020!

May your new year be filled with success, happiness and prosperity!


Challenging new decade

Our world now faces the formidable challenge of drafting a sustainable future.

Global climate change is occurring faster than expected. According to new data from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the period from 2015 to 2019 was the hottest five years ever recorded.

What we need now is a sincere search for a way of life that addresses the threats to the sustainability of our global ecosphere.


Sense of Gratitude

The destiny of the earth is our destiny.

In considering the health of the Earth as our own and superimposing it over our own way of life as the matter of utmost priority, we can create a new value system: that is my hope for the upcoming decade.

The basic principle of sustainable living is to appreciate the natural environment in which we exist and to be eternally grateful for the blessings of nature.

A chain of compassion and appreciation could foster an awareness of climate change towards creating a sustainable future.


“Our true citizenship is Humankind”

Climate change knows no borders…

Only by thinking on the scale of humankind, will we be able to protect our planet.

It is time to hearken to the words of H. G. Wells who proclaimed our “True Nationality is Mankind”.


Love for humankind, nature and the planet

An appreciation of nature is the foundation of Shintoism, and Buddhism teaches the interconnectedness of all as a universal truth.

Christ’s teaching of loving our neighbours embodies a love of humankind that extends to all living beings.

We must be grateful for all of creation: humanity and nature, the waters and winds, light and energy.… and appreciate being alive here and now in every moment of our respective daily lives. 

Only then can we truly open up to a genuine love for humanity, nature and the planet and actually connect with one another.

And would not all our hope be lying in the respective ties and acts of love?


We invite you to join hands with us to promote the art & culture project Road of Light and Hope that fosters ties between East & West and North & South, and appeal for the unity of our hearts, in 2020 as well as in the years to come…

Miro Ito

Media Art League

East meets West, North meets South through “Media = Art + Message”

Photographs & text by Media Art League. All rights reserved.

Photo (above) The Afrasiab painting (part), Afrasiab Museum, Samarkand, Uzbekistan (7-8th century CE)/Photo (below): A statue of Apollo reclining Buddha-like (from [former] Portuguese Royal Family Collection), National History Museum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil​​



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