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Miro Ito - Portfolio

Body performances highlight the oneness of humans and the universe, and function as a medium for connecting with the intangible world through “prayer” or “dedication”. Such essentials of ancient Asian traditions as gigaku masks and bugaku performance (which entered Japan along the Silk Road 1400 years ago) are introduced here through Miro Ito’s photographic art under thetheme: “World Cultural Heritage of Life and Prayer”. If humankind is a multitude of “thinking bodies”, can we not be considered “praying bodies” as well? Ito’s art activities introduce Asian/Japanese unique traditions of body-mind unity — a quest for the “Fundamentals of Life” towards enlightenment — in selected forms of body expression from 1400 years of venerable traditions for the future.
《Profile – Miro Ito》

▫️3 Gigaku Masks of
 Tōdaiji Temple
 Important Cultural
 Property of Japan
 Production Year: 744 AD
 Photo by Miro Ito

 (archetypal ritual form of noh)
 Noh Performer:
 Hodaka Komparu
 Komparu School
 Photo by Miro Ito

Noh Performers (+ name of play)
▫️Tomoyuki Takeda (Ema)
▫️Fumiyuki Takeda (Atsumori)
▫️Yukifusa Takeda (Takasago)
    Photo by Miro Ito

▫️Quick Silver
 Butoh Dancer: Ko Murobushi

 Photo by Miro Ito

 Butoh Troupe: Sal Vanilla

 Photo by Miro Ito

▫️Seven Men (Sal Vanilla)
▫️Five Men (Sal Vanilla) 
▫️Aether – αἰθήρ
 (Goro Namerikawa)
 Photo by Miro Ito