Rio de Janeiro: Mês do Japão 2018 shows “Road of Light and Hop” at the Centro Cultural dos Correios (4th -29th July)

Commemorating the 110th anniversary of Japanese Immigration to Brazil, our globally touring exhibition “Road of Light and Hope” is now at the Centro Cultural Correios Rio de Janeiro as part of Month of Japan (Mês do Japão).

On 4th July 2018, an Artist Talk & Short Movie Screening was successfully presented by Miro Ito at the opening event hosted by Consulate General of Rio de Janeiro, Japan Foundation, Instituto Cultural Brasil-Japão (ICBJ), Media Art League and Japan Camera Industry Institute.

Consul General of Rio de Janeiro, Yoshitaka Hoshino and President of ICBJ, Dr. Sohaku R. C. Bastos gave us the honour of introducing the exhibition.

In order to convey universality and connectivity of East and West, North and South through “Media = Art + Message”, this exhibition features some of the most outstanding 8th century Buddhist sculptures influenced by Hellenistic culture, as well as Gigaku and Bugaku masks that came to Japan in the 7th century via the Silk Road.

With the special courtesy of Todai-ji Temple as well as the Kasuga-taisha Shrine, many never-seen-before images of select Japanese National Treasures and Important Cultural Property from Nara, Japan, can be seen at the venue in 46 artistic photo images printed on washi paper in hanging scroll (kakejiku) format. The exhibition runs till the 29th of July 2018.



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