Miro Ito’s Artist Talk on 26th May, Japan Foundation Toronto

Buddhist Sculpture from the 8th century, Todai-ji Temple (photo by Miro Ito)

As part of Miro Ito’s exhibition, “Road of Light and Hope: National Treasures of Todai-ji Temple, Nara”, she will hold a talk at the venue in the Japan Foundation Toronto on 26th May (18:00 – 20:00 PM). Two movie shorts directed by Ito will also be featured. Info & registration portal: http://jftor.org/…/tenpyo-art-screening-series-…/2017-05-26/

The exhibition focuses on circumstantial “evidence” for the inter-connectedness of East and West; such as Hellenistic Greco-Buddhist statues as well as ancient Asian masks like Gigaku masks (originating from the classical Greek mask theater) that entered Japan via the Silk Road over 14 centuries ago.

If you have an opportunity to be in Toronto this month or June (before the 28th that is), please visit see my photographic art portraying these treasures of our common global heritage & civilization that have survived in Japan for over 1300 years.

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