Miro Ito lectured at University of Chicago on: “Art as a Medium for Universality”

(L to R) Sandy [a student], Miro Ito, Nancy [TA], Japanese Consul, Toshihisa KATO.

Miro Ito was invited as a guest lecturer by the University of Chicago for the “Visual and Material Perspectives of East Asia” Workshop, 2nd Nov. 2017, on the occasion of the “Road of Light and Hope: National Treasures of Todai-ji Temple, Nara” exhibition at the Japanese Consulate-General in Chicago (1st -28th Nov.).

The theme is “Art as a Medium for Universality”, inspired by the Hellenistic influences evident in the Tenpyo era sculptures of the Todai-ji Temple (8th century) , while two of our short films: “Great Buddha Lives!” and “Gigaku- Road of Masks” were screened. The audience consisted of academics and students of UoC’s Department of History of Art and Architecture.

Miro Ito’s lecture at University of Chicago



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